About Us

Our Mission

We serve our community by promoting the personal growth and development of offenders, or those at risk of offending, by the provision of programs and services that positively impact on their transition to becoming integrated members of society.

Our Vision

We aspire to a community where all people have value and the capacity to change.

Our Values

  • We promote social justice and social responsibility
  • We inform and promote awareness of the need for community corrections
  • We promote and deliver evidence based practices, programs and services
  • We develop collaborative relationships with clients, staff, community, and other providers
  • We ensure accountability through open and transparent operations, evaluation, and responsible leadership
  • We treat our clients and community with dignity and respect
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Board of Directors

The St. Leonard’s Society of Hamilton extends its appreciation to our Board of Directors for their dedication and commitment to providing good governance to the Society and their voluntary service to our Community.

  • Chris Cutler
    Chris Cutler President

    Advisor to Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger

  • Kathleen Leach
    Kathleen Leach Vice-President


  • Tim Vine
    Tim Vine Treasurer

    Financial Management

  • Mike Lidster
    Mike Lidster Secretary

    Human Resources

  • Brigitte St. Germain
    Brigitte St. Germain

    RCMP Officer

  • Jodi Carriere
    Jodi Carriere

    Administration Manager

  • Bill Green
    Bill Green

    CSC Manager – Retired

  • Fraya Mortensen
    Fraya Mortensen

    MCS – Probation & Parole Officer

  • John T. Clinton
    John T. Clinton Ex-Officio

    Executive Director