What do we believe?

We do not believe that jail is the answer. We believe that how we treat the least of our fellow humans is a reflection of who we are as a society. We are for community corrections and against the death penalty. We are against a denial of fundamental human rights and for restorative justice. We are for the reparation of harm caused by conflict and crime. We understand and are sympathetic to the violation of people and relationships and the disruption of peace in our communities that comes from crime.

Paulah Dauns, Past President
St. Leonard’s Society of Canada

St. Leonard's
To the staff that so ably carry out the work of St. Leonard’s in our part of the world, we want to express our deepest and most profound gratitude. They do it for modest pay and long hours. They do it when clients fail and disappoint them. They do it when the community they serve so well are resentful and mistrustful. They do it when their computers crash and all the technology that is supposed to make things easier and more efficient doesn’t even come close. And they do it with compassion and humour and tenacity and unbelievable good grace.

The Board of Directors of St. Leonard’s are a group of committed volunteers that inspire a dedicated staff to action. Board Meetings are the model for how it should be done. They leave the Executive Director inspired and renewed. They continue to push us in new and needed areas of service delivery. They are the courage, confidence and vision of a great agency.